Flights to Concord, CA: Experience Northern California's Charm

Ever had dreams of flying to a city that harmonizes perfectly with your musical soul? Concord, California might just be your tune! Famous for its annual jazz festival, you'd be jazzed about how easy it is to find cheap flights to this melody of a city. No need to scratch your heads like a confused drummer, we've got you covered!

Flights online

Finding the right flight deals to Concord is as simple as playing 'Do-Re-Mi' on the piano. The primary airport serving this harmonic city is Oakland International Airport (OAK), situated a breezy 35 miles west of Concord. In the off chance that you decide to play hide and seek with the Golden Gate, there's always San Francisco International Airport (SFO), a manageable 41 miles away.

The airlines operating from these airports include a band of star performers like Southwest, Delta, Alaska Airlines, and United. They're always ready to conduct your journey, offering direct flights, round trip flights, and flights to and from Concord. So, pull up your sleeves and tune your fingers to make that perfect flight booking.

A symphony of last-minute flights to Concord are also available, for those impromptu jazz enthusiasts who believe in the thrill of spontaneous jamming. It's all about feeling the rhythm, right? And with our airline tickets, you’ll get the lowest airfare that is music to your ears!

The journey begins

Once you land, getting around Concord is as easy as swinging to a jazz tune. The BART system is a wonderful way to explore the city, specifically the Pittsburg/Bay Point – SFIA/Millbrae Yellow Line. This track will have you dancing through the city quicker than a bebop solo. The County Connection buses (Routes 11, 14, and 15) are also ready to take you on an improvised tour through the city.

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From economy to first class, our different categories of tickets are designed to accommodate your traveling needs as precisely as a metronome. So whether you're a snazzy solo traveler or a jiving family band, we have a seat that fits your tempo!

In the end, finding your way to Concord, California is like improvising a jazz solo – it might seem daunting at first, but with a little creativity (and our sweet flight deals), you'll be grooving in no time. So grab your fedoras and saxophones, and let's hit the high note with a trip to Concord!